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About Lucy

Lucy is one of the most robust and dependable robotic home automation systems available in market.

It can control any electrical device like tube lights, fan, TV , Sockets etc

Compact, It will take a bit of space and will be retrofitted above your existing switchboards.

Lucy have – Three different interfaces – Mobile App, Voice Command and the Manual switches works too.

No extra or new wiring is required.Install within 15 minutes.

Understand multiple languages English & Hindi

Key Features

Lucy Enabled Smart home

Smarter home. Better living

Lucy smart home solutions make it simple, quick, and stress-free to turn your home into a smart home that you enjoy. Manage daily activities, take control of your house, and much more all from the palm of your hand or a voice command.
You're the one who makes the decisions. It's totally up to you whether you want to maximize savings or maximise comfort.

Mobile App

Mobile App

A Lucy Mobile app allows you to operate the devices on finger tap. In a smart home, You can control everything through your mobile phone. It improves the user experience and convenient.

Inside the Magic Box

Designed for Scalability

Lucy Support your existing retrofit swithes, so no added cost of internal wiring
Lucy is for everyone in your family – We have 3 interfaces – Mobile App, Voice and the existing switch works too.

Universal Remote

Universal Remote

IR based universal remote control for smart home, hand-free compatible with Lucy Asist, Alexa, One for All infrared controlled home devices like TV, STB, Air Condition, DVD Player and many more.

Display The Real Time Cunsumption

Automated Energy Savings

Display real-time energy information at your fingertips, Lucy mobile App can encourage you to reduce your carbon footprint.
When you leaves home, lucy immediately reduce consumption of energy savings. Lucy can further automate energy savings by allowing you to set up schedules, perhaps by adjusting the temperature when you sleep at night.

Scene Creation

Pre configured Mood Lighting

You can use a single scenario to create a combined action plan to control several Lucy- enabled devices.
You may control the set of actions by scene creation,create a series of actions in the night on a daily basis, such as at 11 p.m.the tube light should turn off,the night bulb & AC should turn on, and the AC should turn on and off in 30 minute intervals to save electricity and many more as per your mood.

Save Electricity

Automatically turn everything off when you leave for work. Experience true intelligence.

Home management insights

Run Personalized Schedules,Support and integrates with different smart devices.

Plug & Play hardware Upgrade

Easy to upgraide the hardware without changing the old one just plug and start using.

Lucy Enabled Device

Smart Lighting

Lighting are instant mood setters, The Lucy Smart Device allow to create personalized schedules, which means you can have them turned on by evening and turned off automatically when you’re off to bed. They can even be automated to simulate an ‘occupied home’ appearance and can be triggered remotely from anywhere in the world.

Lucy Asist, Alexa

Lucy Assit & Amazon Alexa integrated with Lucy Lucy AI understands voice commands easily just say "Hey Lucy" or you may also connect Lucy to make Alexa your personal assistant.
To perform a variety of tasks, use voice commands. Control your lighting and other electrical devices, which extend the capabilities to enable the smoke and fire detectors in upcoming models.

Lucy Enabled Device

Voice Control

To get things done, no need to use switchboards or use a dozen remote controls. Now control everything in your home through your smartphone universal remote, or use your voice commands to control your devices.

Support all IR controlled device

Lucy support all IR controlled base devices Like TV, AC, Heater, Music system and many more.Smart multimedia control gives the flexibility to control your TV, Xbox or music player wirelessly from your smartphone.

Add a Custom Remote

Add or create a custome remote in Lucy Mobile app, Add only usable buttons of your remote .Our smart home multimedia solutions also provided advanced features like multi-room playback, specialized scenes and more.

Connect Mutiple Lucy

Install mutiple Lucy Enabled Devices all be connected to internet and operated from a single mobile app by logging in with the same e-mail ID.

About Lucy

Our most innovative technology is as useful as you think...

Lucy Mobile App

Smart automation is a connection between your smart device and your house that allow to operate it with your phone or voice.

It works with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, and can simply carry It with you on the go.

Lucy Mobile Apps' user-friendly interface makes it simple to do "smart operations" at your fingertips.

Users may control devices with a single finger tap using the Lucy smartphone app. It serves as a command center.

Powerful way to enjoy your life.

Everything at your fingertips.Perfect solution, Designed for all devices.

Upcoming Lucy Enabled Devices

Lucy Torpido Motion Sensor, Human Sensor ,AQI ,Fire Sensor, Gas Sensor and many more..
Lucy Hurricane pTouchscreen Based User experience along with voice command.
Lucy – Powerful way to enjoy your life

We create smart solutions, invoke experiences and solve problems.


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